Monday, September 13, 2010

It's hard work taking it easy!!

So, let me ask you: How many of you thought I could actually "take it easy"?
My way of taking it easy means barbequeing, fishing and golfing. Enough, actually, to make up for a half of a year of inactivity. My golf game is getting back to where I was last year, my fishing skills are back to "top Fisherman" status and my barbeque skills, well, for those who have had the opportunity to taste my efforts in the past, my skills have not diminished at all. in fact they may have increased, what with my newly enhanced taste buds. You see, ever since my transplant, perhaps since my release from the hospital after the first go-round, my sense of taste and smell seems more acute than ever. Everything tastes new, smells are far more distinctive than I can remember and I take great enjoyment from grabbing these things as new experiences and enjoying the hell out of them.
I'm enjoying my freedom from the clinic as well. Oh man, now, I genuinely liked the medical staff and they sure made my treatments as pleasant as possible, but the freedom of schedule and freedom from just being in a hospital environment is a great benefit. Physically by eliminating contact from the unhealthy and being home. Mentally the effect cannot be mathematically calculated. Maybe some wizard or soothsayer can tell you the true value of mental happiness gained from a bit of hospital freedom, but I surely can not.
I've been taking this time I have now and living as if I am retired. But it's exhausting! I do enjoy putting myself at the edge of limits and stretching those limits, and that is what I'm doing now: bringing my limits back to those you would expect from a mainly healthy dude around my age. What I am seeing is that I am making myself stronger than I was before, but the path is slow and patience must be a factor. Walking more than 6 miles tires me these days, but I can walk! I try to make myself sweat from physical exertion at least once per day.
I have been making plans to get back to work soon, and I am really looking forward to it, for I'd like to see my life return to normal adventures. Too much to ask? I think not.
Chickenfest, for those who missed it, was a blast. A great party, a great way to return to my (semi)normal self and get on doing what I do best: Have fun!
in two years, there will be another one. Make your plans now. As for me, I've got a golf game to get ready for, just as soon as I re-spool this fishing reel. It's hard work living like you want to!