Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm so excited!

Here it is, my last full day (I hope) in the hospital. Yesterday, they took me off the worst of my drugs, Heparin. Every shot burned, and some nurses put that in slowly. Well no more of the worst! It is a blood thinner, and I was told that my movement (walking around) gave them reason to stop the treatment. Now, if could only get my feet down to normal size. they are still balooned and today they are painful from yesterday's walking.
I am nervous and curious about going home.
How often should I leave the house? Should I wear a mask when I do? How much will the dog affect me? When can I eat raw veggies again? How soon do I come back for the outpatient treatment?
I look forward to long bath, a good shave, and seeing my dog.
Leslie will be near Detroit, speaking at her grandmother's 'wake'. I am sure that the girl needs a better year than the one she's having.