Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Picture Proof: Feb 8th and Today

I feel awesome. Okay, I feel awesome every other day. It seems as if I feel too good, over-extend myself, then just crash in a tired heap the following day. Then I feel great again. Like today, I feel as if I never had Leukemia and will continue to feel super until I try to open a soda or climb more than a flight and a half of stairs, at that point I will be reminded that I a weakling. So I'm drinking coffee, OJ and water while remaining at home.

I cannot say if this is "remission" from Leukemia, but I sure feel "normal". Which makes me dread the near future all the more, because I'm not really looking forward to more time in bed, sick with flu-like symptoms, for three weeks. I better get my reading list together, and quick.

My bloodwork results are quite shocking to see in comparison from just two months ago. Freakin' amazing stuff, really: My white blood count is down to 3.7, from 114. My red blood counts are still a tad low, as is my hemoglobin. My lymphocyte numbers have dropped to the low end of normal, and I'm rockin' the health-o-meter with my lowering of my resting heart rate with each visit to the clinic.

Tomorrow I should be getting back the results from Friday's biopsy of my Bone Marrow, which left me with a sore ass over the weekend, and my number one comfortable position is the ram-rod straight sitting position, with perfect posture. My readiness to slouch has been hampered by a twinge of pain as I try to slide into what used to be comfortable. Now it's sit like a proper englishman or go lay down. Thank the stars that only lasted a few days and now I just feel a bit bruised in the behind.
the anxiety is still building towards the transplant and all that leads to it, I'm hoping I can get through this without too much complaining and whining and come out the other side ready for golf, barbequeing and everything else summer brings. Like Chickenfest. Can't wait for that, but I can't plan too much because of the date unsuredness.
More later. Hopefully tomorrow I will being you good news from my marrow results.