Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still hanging on the line.

Like Laundry, I'm still hanging on the line.
I'm just healthy enough not to require a blood transfusion, just healthy enough not to have any complications, just healthy enough to hang out and do almost nothing. I can fish, but I can't dig for worms. I can walk the dog, but I can't pick up her 'leavings'. Golf appears to be the main activity for me, but I'm to stay out of the sun. So I've been wearing long sleeves and loads of sunscreen, but still having fun out there.
I can eat berries, after frozen or cooked, but I've got a ten ton on the vine. That I'm not allowed to pick due to the likelihood of being scratched and poked by the brambles.
Christian and Dennis have been playing groundskeepers to my house, So i've just got to make them a pie or two from the berries I need picked. Whomever picks them will get a pie too! So come on down to the southside and pick some berries for me, yeah?
Short post today: Nothing new to report, nothing new happening just a slow, long climb to being a completely healthy human again. Seriously, did you expect me to watch soccer all month? It seems all I did in February was watch curling, a bit more exciting of a game. Hockey is over and the baseball in this town leaves me wanting to drown my sorrows, but I'm not allowed to do that either.
I've got golf, and fishing with lures.
And pie making, eventually.

Today's Picture of continuing health: