Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Transplant complete

Now the transplant is done, I'm all better and can get on to getting home, yeah?
Not that fast or simple, my peoples. i wish it were. Now comes the steep and heavy watchful eyes on my poor battered immuno system. I must remain healthy. No infections, no illnesses, no colds, no sneezing, no throat tickles, no nothing.

The transplant itself was indeed anti-climactic. I actually slept through most of it, as the additive they put in the stem cells from Jeanne, made me sleepy when combined with the Adovair(sp?). And today, the day after, I apparently smell an awful lot like creamed corn. Cooking up right here in my little chamber at the U of C Medical Center. Of course, i cannot smell it, as it the odor is oozing from my pores, but those who walk in my small domain comment on it as if I were the Del Monte man himself. The other small side effect I noticed was that with every bag of cells, my face would flush and my temperature would elevate a tad. But after the second bag, I slept though the remainder of the transplant, so I cannot accurately relay if this occurred on every bag.

Yesterday, after I awoke from my restful procedure, my appetite was back on track, and I was ravished and ate a hot dog, followed by some beef panang. Now as I wake this morning, my usual hunger pains that I have become accustomed to having the minute I open my eyes are not with me. In fact I feel bloated and full, even though I am not holding anything inside, at least not that I'm aware. i wonder if one or two of these anti-biotics are bloating me out or maybe it was the MSG in my panang. Either way, I am not hungry as per usual, and that is kind of bumming me out a bit. I do have a bit of nervous energy, but that may be from all of the sleep I've accumulated in the past 36 hours. I suspect that as soon as I am able (when the lounge opens) I will go down the hall and get on the stationary bike, just to calm myself down and perhaps burn off some of this bloat.

The sun comes up as I write and I can't help to think "Another Sunrise Seen, Another Blessing". Little more than three months ago, I certainly was in no shape to even think about moving around and getting down the hall, let alone on a bike of any sorts. All i have to this time is stay the hell outta the ICU, remain healthy, and wait. Tick, tock.

I appreciate all the well wishes, prayers and thoughts that came across yesterday, and I hope you all will see me succeed at kicking cancer's carapace in a righteous manner. When I am well, I will invite you all to a grand party for us all to celebrate together, so that I may show my gratitude in person.