Thursday, July 1, 2010

66 days old.

That's right. I'm 66 days old, not 66 years. That's how old this new immune system is, after accepting my sister's stem cells. At least, I've appeared to have accepted them into my body so far, and have shown no signs of GVHD (. Really, i've displayed no signs of Illness whatsoever. The worst thing to come on through was a small bout with depression, but even that was small and hardly noticeable (I think). I've started working on my golf game, and have gotten really good at a few video games.
Oh! I have also developed a HUGE sweet tooth, a peculiar happening, because prior to my transplant, I had zero desire for sweets. Now, I'm all about the cookies and sugar, even going so far as to place a couple of spoons of sugar in my coffee. That little nugget of information will stop more than a few persons in their tracks. Ice cream, cakes, pies, DingDongs®, you name it, I'm eatin' sweets.
66 is an important number in my healing process. It's two-thirds of the way to day 100, a day talked about in reverent tones by those in the transplant world. I won't even pretend to know why day 100 holds magical powers, but I'm planning on it like a release date from this imposed anti-social activity. Trust me, I really want to be out there in the sun and fun of this Chicago summer, as it is just rocking along without me, dangit.
If anyone is around the SouthWest side of Chicago this 4th of July, feel free to drop on by my house for some burger or brats and some cold refreshments. We'll be hanging out in the yard like there's nothing wrong with anybody. ("remember back in January when I had cancer?""Yeah, that seems like 10 years ago.")
We'll be turning up the tunes from the downtown rawk show and playing some yard games. Come on by! all are welcome.
Oh! Bonus from being in such poor straights this winter: when people see me, it's always this: "you look so good!". I guess when the last time you have been seen you had tubes from everywhere and machines hooked up to every organ, upright equals looking good. Sweet bonus. I honestly think I look like a slob all the time, but even the nurses I see on a weekly basis tell me I look better and healthier every week, so I've got to be making some progress. Today I was told that I am unrecognizable from the fellow they saw in February. I suppose it's a good thing that I've stopped wearing pajamas everywhere, too. That and the upright, walking and talking thing, too.
Okay!~ TO wrap this up: BBQ on Sunday, come on by. Just leave the childrens at home. And bring ice. or Champagne. A summer party can never have too much of either.
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