Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh, how I love April Fool's Day!

And how I love opening day!

Hi, all of you all. I hope that spring has found you with a lightness to your steps, some planning for your yard projects and the hope that your baseball team has a chance this year to win it all! Here in Chicago, we've got two real good chances, the way I see the season unfolding, but like all the other prognosticators out there, I don't know beans about what will happen over the season. So we can take this moment and wish each other the best wishes for a great turnout this year.
Remember last year as I made it to opening day on the Southside? What a great surpirse that was. What an exhilarating feeling just to take a part in the season opener and see the "play of the year" on the first day, live and in person. Magical moment, that was. 75 degree day for an opener was magic as well.
This year, while I have the energy and time to go to the Cubs opener, I just don't have the funds. Or the foolhardiness to bear the cold weather temps and rain to risk grabbing a cold and turning it into another run at pnuemonia.
Opening day has a lot of meaning. The promise of spring, the return of my second love, baseball, for another season of fun and excitement, the joy of summer peeking from around the corner! All of these thing are represented by opening day. Oh boy, and just to share that same day with April Fool's day, well, that is the "OLD" New year's day, yes? The day all of those with the "NEW" Christian calendar calling the pagans fools for celebrating the upcoming planting season and new life on a non-christian day. Oh, how foolish we love to be though!
Have you ever played a really good April Fool's prank? Oh how I've longed to play a super good prank on some one, but I give them away too freely. I've always wanted to put the saran wrap on a few toilets, and Wrigley would be a perfect place to play such a trick, except I would probably never get to see the outcome. If any of you are going to the ballpark tomorrow, I implore you to try such a prank. And take pictures of the unhappy clowns exiting the bathroom! Perhaps that prank is a little too mean, yes? More than likely my own pranks will involve much lower mean levels, and more just plain tomfoolery. Like mixing salt and sugar, or putting a banana in a tailpipe.
What ever you do on the true first day of spring, just have fun, give yourself up to new hope, fall in love with baseball again, or just fall in love.
The world really is a lovely place. Sometimes we need a day like tomorrow to remind us of that fact.

P.S. - just so as not to confuse everyone with April Fool's ideas and what not, There will be a guest blog posted (for real guest blog, not an April Fool's joke)
after this one. Maybe it will make you forget all of the bad ideas I've given you!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

culver city

I've tried several times to update and post from my vacation spot here in L.A. Sometimes it does work as expected. I've attempts to send photos many times but keep getting errors. What I meant to send was a picture from my lunch view on Venice Beach, a cloudless sky behind palm trees and Culver City signage and a picture of some of the wonderful food I have been ingesting.
Today, during an all-out rainstorm, we ventured to Quality Seafood where we polished off three dozen oysters and had many laughs as the Californians scattered for cover. It seems as though they treat rain as we Chicagoans would treat snow and ice, only we drive better.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

travel was fine.

The trip went fine. I thought I might have had an extra seat but, no, I was left near the window and able to read most of the way out.
I arrived with no issue and soon enough was at Talon's house and grabbed a cocktail with nighttime laughter and story-telling. It took a long time to wind down after all the anticipation of arrival.
The weather today, is quite nice, much like anwarm spring day would feel I suppose. I still felt the need to wears jacket to lunch where I had two kinds of fries and the ubiquitous to calfornia turkey burger. Here's to living a healthy fat full life!!
More later, muchachoes!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting prepped for the LA

So here I am trying on the short pants. I may not need them.
I dont want to blind any astronauts with these pasty sticks.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I will be posting pix and text from my LA visit!
Stay tuned!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Just an update. Nothing new to report!

The only to report at this time is a wonderful time on staycation.
I've been hanging around, drawing and strumming the guitar. I've taken the dog for long walks and enjoyed sleeping late. Slowly I've been doing projects around the house that have been in the cobwebs of my mind and preparing myself to work harder to get this beast on the market and sold, thereby freeing me up even more than I am now. Certainly, my future is wide open from here, as I feel like a brand new man, with great energy and fresh ideas. to quote Ministry: "I found myself in love with the world", a feeling I hope never dies. I'd like to start doing even more things for myself, and become an better individual every day. I feel that I am well on my way to shiny things, and everybody loves shiny things, don't we?
That is all for now.
Thank you all for your support while times were hard, and for all the smiles and warm receptions as I healed and got better. I am humbled through all of your showers of love. I'm trying to live up to the love I have received. It's quite a lot!