Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last day of Chemo, today Sunday the 25th.

Today will be my last day of chemo and allegedly this is the day that will do the most damage to my body. This malphalan stuff will make me lose my hair, give me mouth sores and diarrhea. What a Sunday Funday!
Oh, yeah, I had to take the anti-nausea meds first so I'm not all pukey. Hopefully, I get through this with most of the above happening, but my immune system, the one that I have gotten used to removing all illnesses within hours, has been disabled and wiped out in the effort to prepare my body for the transplant on Tuesday. Before Tuesday's transplant comes Monday, my only day off from Chemo and treatments. I'm curious to see if I get separated from my constant companion during this stay at Hotel de University of Chicago, the IV pole. He's not very talkative and most of the time, is just trying to trip me up, slow me down, or hold me back. That rat bastard. I'd like to throw him in the River.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to complain here, I'm just bit run-down and keep getting more run down as my treatment moves along; I was told this would happen and I am prepared as well as anyone could be.
I am grateful for all of my friends who have written me and come to visit me in my 'hotel' rooms. I feel as if I have the biggest support team around and they give me the strength I need to move forward and get out of this cancerous situation. I am extremely grateful for my sister Jeanne's kind donation of time and Stem cells. I'll be writing letters to Santa on her behalf, you can bet on that. I'm grateful for my angel, the lovely Leslie, for without her constant questioning, I wouldn't be as healthy as I am now, and realistically, missing an organ or two if she hadn't started questioning the doctors from day one. She's been the real rock throughout this ordeal, and also the comforting pillow where I can rest my head, reviving my strength for me to continue on and continue my fight.
I'll be out of the hospital in little more than two weeks, and hope to be living my normal life at the beginning of July. I was hoping for the beginning of June, but that would be too amazing for even the best superhero. In all likely hood, that means no Bluesfest for me. Mark my words right now, There will be a Chickenfest this summer and all of y'all are invited. The date will be revealed (or decided upon) when I can fully claim myself to be free of cancer so we can celebrate with beer and chicken-eating.
While I wrote this, the Malphalan was pumped into my central line and this line of type signifies the end of my Chemo. Not the effects, mind you, but the end of mean spirited drugs entering my veins. Hooray for that, and thanks for all your well wishing, prayers, cards, emails and what-nots. I hope to thank you all in person while we eat chicken this summer.
Tuesday is transplant day, so send Jeanne some thanks and Leslie some help so we can all be happy together, yeah?