Friday, March 4, 2011

Just an update. Nothing new to report!

The only to report at this time is a wonderful time on staycation.
I've been hanging around, drawing and strumming the guitar. I've taken the dog for long walks and enjoyed sleeping late. Slowly I've been doing projects around the house that have been in the cobwebs of my mind and preparing myself to work harder to get this beast on the market and sold, thereby freeing me up even more than I am now. Certainly, my future is wide open from here, as I feel like a brand new man, with great energy and fresh ideas. to quote Ministry: "I found myself in love with the world", a feeling I hope never dies. I'd like to start doing even more things for myself, and become an better individual every day. I feel that I am well on my way to shiny things, and everybody loves shiny things, don't we?
That is all for now.
Thank you all for your support while times were hard, and for all the smiles and warm receptions as I healed and got better. I am humbled through all of your showers of love. I'm trying to live up to the love I have received. It's quite a lot!