Sunday, April 18, 2010

I get my hair cut twice a year, whether it needs it or not...

(apologies for the sideways viewing)

I'm a big fan of mohawks and think they look supercool.

Cancer hasn't met a guy like me before. I'm about to open up a gigantic can of whoop-ass on SeƱor leukemia and hope to never see him again.

Thanks to my sister and her donation of time and stem cells, I should be healthy and back to normal style living before summer's start, at least that's what I'm on planning on. The doctorinos are preaching caution and guarded optimism but I can't start thinking of losing any battles in my personal war against the cancer in my blood. Hell, I've amazed myself in the vast difference between pictures I took of myself in January and what I see today in the mirror.

So I've cut my hair in the style of the classic fierce American warrior, as I prepare to take no prisoners and cut the fear out of the word "cancer" right along ridding the cancer from my body.