Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Home Again Home Again, Jiggity Jig Jig

Well, I'm home again. It is extremely comforting. And a bit overwhelming. This house is huge, with so much walking required; to answer the phone, door, nature's call, to fetch myself water, etc. Regular stuff tires me easily.
What I was looking forward to was a nice hot bath so I can finally feel clean-clean. So I filled the bath, and started taking off my clothes. When I was fully naked, I was too tired to get in the tub with my weak muscles, and would have been too humiliated to ask for help to get out of the tub, because I certainly would have needed it. So I was stuck with the standard wash down, got some new clothes on and then I went to bed, falling asleep faster than I can ever remember; my bed was so comfortable! Oh sweet queen bed. I slept with my feet elevated and I slept so long my feet are nearly normal-sized this morning. Hoo-ray!
Today is Leslie's grandmother's funeral; I wish I could by her side, as I'd like to give her the support she needs. I am stuck here, though, waiting for my nurse to come by and take blood, give me instructions on how to be home and yell at me for walking around with just socks on.
Today my dog comes home; I just hope I can contain her energy.
maybe I will harness some of that energy and pick through the huge pile of stuff accumulated while I was away.