Thursday, May 13, 2010

Race ya!

Tomorrow i go home. Allegedly. I've remained a boring patient for most of this stay at the hospital, except for last Friday, when my heart went into "atrial flutter". Which meant they (the docs) sent me down the hall from the transplant wing into a room with a heart monitor, as my heart wouldn't release the beat of 160 without some sort of treatment. Many drug trials later, the docs reduced my rate back to a normal beat and rhythm on Saturday, only for my crazy heart to develop an "atrial fibrillation" on Monday. Again with drug trials and beta-blockers and now i'm at a regular rhythm again, and it appears that I can go home tomorrow. As long as i can make it through the night without incident, and I can stay at home as long as I can remain without illness, infection and more heart racing incidents. There will be no lawn-mowing, no gardening, no strenuous activity for a while and no heavy duty work around the house. Luckily for me it is almost summer and I can concentrate on golfing and fishing, right? Anyone who cares to drop a line in the water should look me up, my license is up to date and my reels are all wound. My golf clubs should be in order, but my dreams have told me otherwise and they are all i have to gauge my golf by these days. Perhaps we can form a group and make road rally to the drive-in some saturday night - it is the one way for me to see movies without being in a large crowd of people. I'll race you for the good spot in the middle in front of the snack bar.