Saturday, March 6, 2010

Update on a Sunny Saturday

This week has been at bit rough on my psyche, body and I'm sure my friends as well. I found out Monday that I contracted pneumonia again, only to be told that it was half-expected with the Campath wreaking havoc on my immune system. So I just had to go along with the standard plan of rest, lots of fluids and keep on the antibiotics that I'm already on. Thursday was my only day away from the hospital, but I was far too wiped out and tired to actually accomplish much. Then Thursday night, I got happy again.
In creation, I find happiness.
Meaning that, I find happiness when I create something. Thursday night's case was a simple dinner; yet still a creation from raw materials. And in that happiness, I find strength to heal myself and feel less sorry for myself that "I'm sick" "I'm tired" and the other whines I generate while I'm sitting on my now-bony ass. You'd think that since my ass is bony now and it hurts to sit on things that are not extra cushioned that I would actually get and create, but, seriously, I was tired. And you all know, I am sick. But I am not incapable. As a matter of fact, I can now dress myself without assistance. Quite a proud moment for someone that just re-learned how to walk. And(!) I can wear shoes now that my feet don't swell up to twice their size anymore. Top all that off with two good things that happened today: I put on jeans (actual pants!) for the first time since the 3rd of January. Of course, Leslie had to dig around in the basement for a pair that would actually fit me, but she managed to located the one pair I had stashed for that occasion when I would drop 40lbs in two months while undergoing treatment for leukemia. Good thing I plan ahead like that.
The other good news is my insurance company has granted coverage for my upcoming Allo Stem Cell Infusion Transplant, which I found out from a letter in the good ol' US mail. So the Doctors can really start moving forward on that front, and I just have to remain healthy until the procedure goes down.
Now if I can only get strong enough to start actually creating more things than dinners, although my dinners do get plenty of compliments, I'd sure like to create more things that last longer than a few hours. Like those T-shirts I promised Bill S. and the rest of Jordan Youth. Funny how a near-death experience can make someone less of a perfectionist; what seemed to me to be an error on the printing screen in December certainly would be printed today and accepted as part of the handmade charm. Punk Rock live on.
Rock an Roll y'all, Rock and Roll.
Oh! and for those that think it was "warm" today in Chicago, I can tell you with all honesty that it really wasn't. I lasted ten minutes outside before I was cold and I still had a winter jacket on! remember this: 50º is cold. If you believe that it is not, go ahead and set your thermostat to 50º. I'm telling you COLD. Sunny afternoon or not.