Saturday, February 13, 2010

Almost Home

So they (the doctors) are trying to get me home on Monday. They have been planning with home health for delivery of oxygen, suction and I am sure other things as well. All of this seems unreal, as I've only been 'awake' for two weeks now. I've had to relearn to walk; relearn how to type; relearn how to use the phone.
Walking is the hardest and takes the most out of me, but it is funny to see nurses faces as I walk down the hallway for exercise; it is as if I was on a catwalk parading some nice new outfit designed by Coco Chanel herself.
Yesterday, Friday, they removed the dialysis tube from my neck. Which, Leslie tells me, was about 1cm thick.
The bandage just fell off in my sleep, and I was surprised to find a very small incision.
The doctors just came in to look me over. They are giving me Lasisk to help me remove extra fluids in the body, especially in my poor fat feet. When the fluids get down, I go home.
I wish I had those GI Joe feet that just pulled off and you could replace them.
Poor Leslie won't be here when I am released. Her much-loved grandmother passed away and she has to drive home to be near her family. I'm still stuck here in the hospital, but hopefully, on her return, I will be home and she can meet me there.
We shall see.
-Posted by Mark