Sunday, April 18, 2010

I get my hair cut twice a year, whether it needs it or not...

(apologies for the sideways viewing)

I'm a big fan of mohawks and think they look supercool.

Cancer hasn't met a guy like me before. I'm about to open up a gigantic can of whoop-ass on SeƱor leukemia and hope to never see him again.

Thanks to my sister and her donation of time and stem cells, I should be healthy and back to normal style living before summer's start, at least that's what I'm on planning on. The doctorinos are preaching caution and guarded optimism but I can't start thinking of losing any battles in my personal war against the cancer in my blood. Hell, I've amazed myself in the vast difference between pictures I took of myself in January and what I see today in the mirror.

So I've cut my hair in the style of the classic fierce American warrior, as I prepare to take no prisoners and cut the fear out of the word "cancer" right along ridding the cancer from my body.


  1. Rock on Mark. Maddie heard more F bombs in that 9 min than I think her entire 7 yrs, well not quite. But well worth it, can't wait till you're on the other side of this. Take care XXOOO Jamie Ron Maddie and Jackson

  2. Rock on bother. kick some cancer ass!

  3. You are amazing! Keep on keeping on! Love to you, Esther

  4. Right On Mark!
    That cancer doesn't have a chance in hell!
    I'm thinking about getting a 'do just like yours to show my support!
    thinking about it is the key phrase there......
    Kick some ass!