Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Diagnosis

Mark ended up being hospitalized at Illinois Masonic for five days, with a barrage of blood tests, various combinations of IV drips and pain management, xrays, cat scans, etc. We not only discover that his white cell count is crazy high, but his spleen is enlarged, and he's got fluid behind his left lung, and pneumonia to top it all off.

On Friday Jan. 8th, he was transferred to University of Chicago Medical Center with a diagnosis of T-Cell Prolymphocytic Leukemia. It is a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. Please don't make the mistake I did and read whatever random thing you find on the internet about the disease; the fact is that because it's so rare, lots of the information online is old and not at all up to date with any of the current prognosis reports or therapies. I did a great job of freaking myself out based on the crap I read online and of all people, Mark had to take the laptop away from me. I've since come to rest with the fact that he's been diagnosed...bottom line; and it's a fact, and there's no amount of keyboard problem solving I can do that will change the fact that he's got this suck ass disease.

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