Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Feb. 3, 2010


Just got home from the hospital, and um...what a difference a day makes.

Mark's current update:
He's off the respirator, off of all pain and amnesia meds, off of dialysis, off of heart and blood pressure meds, and he's speaking again, WITH his own voice. He has no memory of the last three weeks. Oh and? His white blood cell count is in the low 30's and keeps moving downward. Quite possibly my happiest day of 2010...yet...!!! He's kicking cancers ass y'all!!!!!

Best moment of today: walking into his room, seeing the big smile on his face, and then walking to his bed and hearing him say in his own voice..."I love you Leslie...I've been waiting all day long to say that!!"

I had no idea they were taking him off of the respirator today, no idea they were stopping ALL of his goofball meds today...I would have been there had I known...but DAMN what a great surprise.

The occupational therapists even had him up and out of the bed today, practicing sitting and standing and exercising his legs.

I am overwhelmed with total happiness and love, and I am at a loss for words right for now, I'm going to leave it as it is...

Good night to you all. As Dino says to me every night we leave the hospital, "tomorrow is another sunrise"...

Tomorrow then.



  1. HOT DAMN! Superbowl Party in his room this weekend!!!
    Keep it up Speedway!

  2. Sweet!!!!!


  3. Dina (Lucia) WeissFebruary 4, 2010 at 9:51 AM

    I have the chills, Leslie. Thank you for being there at his side, as a conduit for the positive energy we've all been sending -- I am sure you are a major reason for his fight to survive. How wonderful to hear his voice... nothing short of a miracle. Amazing.

  4. Leslie,

    What amazing news! We are so happy for you and admire you and Mark for all your strength and courage that got to this point.

    And kudos to your medical team - simply the best.

    Now you know (as I learned during Max's Bone Marrow Transplant) what it means when everyone says 'Take one day at a time!'

    Keep up the good work and stay strong!

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Max & Shirley Fischer
    Buffalo, NY
    (Birds of a feather with T-PLL in our lives)

  5. Great news!!! Here's to more of the same!

    - Brian from the rust belt

  6. Awesome news Leslie! Thanks again for the updates on Mark. We share them with everyone at work so they know how he is doing. I am still battling a cold (or whatnot), but hopefully I'll get rid of it soon and be able to come say hi to Mark myself, but in the meantime please tell him I said "HI" and to get his ass back to work soon. haha :) Audrey

  7. Amazing and too sweet!!!!! So happy at this news. Bask in the glow and warm fuzzy feelings! Jamie

  8. Awesome news Mark and Leslie!! I am so happy for you both. Mark keep kicking that cancers ass!! Sending you lts of love dear friend!!!! Esther

  9. What a difference a few days can make. Thanks for the updates. Our prayers are with both of you as you continue the fight. Kandi and Dick Vancura

  10. OMG - that is amazing! I am so happy it was a good day. I hope all the rest are just as good.

  11. Congratulations, guys. Cancer never stood a chance.

    Love you,