Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break!

I'm on Spring Break.

From the hospital, from Doctor's appointments, from Chemo treatments and from the brutal Chicago winter. I don't have to return to the doctor until April 7th; Such a long time, I having a hard time comprehending. So I'm keeping this here post short, because I'm about to go outside with the dog in the sun and sixty-plus degree temps.

I leave you with this picture of my health.


  1. Enjoy the day and your "Spring Break" Mark!

  2. Aww!! You're so handsome!!! Love you babe.

  3. Looking good MV! (and I love the slogan)
    We'll be bringing the poker game to your neck of the woods soon.....

  4. Fabulous!!!!! xxoo Jamie

  5. I'm glad you're doing so well and hope you're outside right now given that we have another excellent day! Tina

  6. This is fantastic! and great to see you looking so well. Hope you enjoyed the weekend!

  7. Your too much guy-looking good, sounding good with a smile that can't be beat
    enjoy the break for another day

    GO CUBS!!!
    Cheers from the ATX