Monday, October 18, 2010

Sick for a week now, and a week more expected.

I started to feel ill last weekend, and truly felt bad Monday morning the 11th. Today is the 18th and I have been back to the U of C three times to try and garner some help for how awful I'm feeling. Everyday I fight off a low-grade fever, I have a wicked painful cough, and terrible sore throat. I've taken nearly every over-the-counter cold and flu remedy but nothing sticks and nothing seems to work two times in a row. Cough drops are my best friend right now, and I have been going to sleep with one in my mouth, usually waking up with it stuck to my arm.
What is this terrible ailment, you ask?
Lab test have confirmed it to be the almighty Rhinovirus. Yep, the common cold.
A cold used to, maybe, knock me down, at tops, for a half of a day. I have been bed-ridden for more than a week, and I'm getting tired of sleeping 19 hours a day, waking only for medicine, baseball, and soup.
My doctors have cleared my body of cancer - which we will test again this Friday - yet the common cold has kicked me down a flight of stairs and thrown grandma's piano after me.
I suppose I got over confident in my body's healing, and now I am paying the price.
Stupid cold.
Stupid me.
I'll let you know when I get on the good side again.


  1. Hope you're back on your feet soon Mark! Thinking of you :) XXOO the howes

  2. drink a lot of POWERADE-LEMON-LIME.It works.DAD

  3. "Hey Howzit Going Eisenhower"

    Be Cool Little Dude and Groove on who you is-one healthy SOB-rhinowhatthefuckever, right?!

  4. Feel better Mark! You must really need the sleep, so don't fight it. It'll be over before you know it!! :)
    We're all thinking of you!! xo

  5. Mark,
    It sucks that the common cold has you feeling so bad, but at least it's just a cold. I hope you're feeling better soon and back to enjoying life.
    Audrey :)